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Why Not Eliminate the State House Altogether?

Eric Boehm says there’s some life in the movement to shrink the state House from 203 members to 153 members:

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Rendell Slams Corbett’s Food Stamp Asset Test

God I miss Ed Rendell:

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Piggie of the Week Robert Patterson Leaves Office on Tuesday

Yesterday the Inquirer reported that despite *resigning*, semen evangelist Robert Patterson was actually still employed by the Department of Public Welfare and hadn’t left office yet.

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Patrick Murphy Opposes Mortgage Settlement

The Murphy campaign sends over a HuffPo op-ed Patrick Murphy wrote opposing the pending mortgage settlement back in December. Here’s the key bit:

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The “5K” Plan for Municipal Consolidation

What if Harrisburg passed a law stating that only political jurisdictions with 5000 people or more will be recognized as legal municipalities after 2015?

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Where Do Dem AG Candidates Stand on the Mortgage Settlement?

All the Democratic Attorneys General I like think the mortgage settlement goes too easy on the banks, and would interfere with important investigations into the foreclosure fraud issue.

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Why Not Let Beer Distributors Sell Marijuana

Mark Kleiman’s students at UCLA have devised an ingenious plan for taxing and regulating marijuana at the state level that won’t provoke a massive federal crackdown. Hope this finds its way to Daylin. Full summary of the plan is after … More after the jump

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Occupy Electoral Politics

Randy LoBasso says Allyson Schwartz is getting a challenger from Occupy Philly:

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PA Supreme Court Throws Out State Legislature Maps

I have not had a chance to read the court’s majority opinion yet, but this is great news via The Republic: (UPDATE: The court order was released. Link is below.) A divided Pennsylvania Supreme Court is invalidating a plan to … More after the jump

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Job Creating With Tom Corbett: Private Jet Tax Loophole Edition

Samantha Melamed says Tom Corbett is trying to play us for a bunch of suckers:

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