GOP State Senator Stewart Greenleaf Wins Big in New Hampshire Presidential Primary

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Forget Rick Santorum, fellow Pennsylvanians, because he’s not the only PA politician who received votes in the New Hampshire Presidential Primary.  No longer will our fellow Americans identify our Commonwealth solely with the political embarrassment that is Rick Santorum.  That’s right, with 92% of precincts reporting, a knight in shining armor has rode into New Hampshire to save us, and he has gallantly captured a staggering amount of votes—22 to be exact!

Pennsylvania State Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf (R-Montgomery/Bucks ), the juggernaut author of legislative benchmarks like the School Pesticide Law, the Puppy Lemon Law, and the Amusement Ride Inspection Act, paid the $1,000 filing fee in New Hampshire and threw his name into the presidential hat.

You may remember Greenleaf as the only State Senator voted Man of The Year by the Willow Grove Chamber of Commerce and the Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center.  And if you didn’t recall Greenleaf from those accolades, shame on you, because at least 22 New Hampshire residents did.

Greenleaf has represented the 12th Senatorial District in the Pennsylvania Senate since 1978, but in late 2011, Greenleaf decided that his State Senate district was just too small to contain his enormous potential.  Setting his sights on nothing less than the Presidency, the chairman of the PA Senate Judiciary Committee could hold back his ambition no longer, and burst onto the presidential stage in the Granite State.

The mainstream media refuses to consider Greenleaf as a credible candidate, despite his proven track record.  Greenleaf has introduced smoking ban legislation in every session since 1993, and because of his steadfast persistence and unmatched dedication, we are marginally closer to possibly achieving it in the distant future.

If his legislative accomplishments don’t speak for themselves, we only need to look at Greenleaf’s own words to understand why almost two dozen good people in New Hampshire want to put Greenleaf in the White House.

When Greenleaf announced his candidacy, he founded his campaign on many bedrock issues.  In his boldest policy proposal, Greenleaf noted that “America has $127 trillion in assets, such as mineral and timber rights,” and, because of this, “backing the dollar with the value of federal assets would allow us to print $15 trillion to pay off our debt to foreign creditors and to the Federal Reserve.”

Bold ideas like this allowed Greenleaf, who statistically received 0% of the vote, to crush formidable opponents like Linden Swift, Vern Wuensche, and James Verstermark, all of whom received less than the 22 votes that Greenleaf garnered at press time.

If you would like to thank State Senator Greenleaf for restoring the nation’s hope in the proficiency of Pennsylvania’s presidential politicians, he can be reached by phone at his district office (215-657-7700) or at his Harrisburg office (717-787-6599).

At least call to congratulate him on his strong showing, for which we are all so very proud.

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2 Responses to GOP State Senator Stewart Greenleaf Wins Big in New Hampshire Presidential Primary

  1. aaa says:

    As GOP politicians go, Greenleaf is actually a pretty decent guy. Running in the pres. primary was obviously absurd, but whatever.

    • Jane says:

      Definitely a bizarre juggernaut but – it must be said – I'm not even a Republican, and Greenleaf is clearly a stand-up guy, with integrity, who still to this day makes sure he campaigns door to door in his districts at campaign time. What PA legislator do you know who still remembers why he's in Harrisburg? But for the record – Sen Greenleaf has a very strong record on Children's issues and healthcare – please don't distort the facts. Child abuse, access to health care, medical savings accounts — all of these are issues his constituents care about that were battles to fight, and he did, even though they aren't typical "Republican" issues. It would have helped to understand why Greenleaf wanted to speak out in New hampshire? that would have been news worthy of reading. – Surprised in Southeast PA