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Hail Frank DiCicco!

City governments across Pennsylvania need more pro-growth Democrats like Frank DiCicco.

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Carlisle Swears in First African American Tax Collector, Youngest in U.S.

Shortly after 5pm on Wednesday, the Borough of Carlisle made history — twice.  George T. Hicks Jr. (left) was sworn in as Borough Tax Collector, making him not only the first African American Tax Collector in Carlisle Borough history, but … More after the jump

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“Ready to Run” Aims to Get More Women in Office

Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin. Nancy Pelosi. We all know their names, but these high-profile women obscure a sad truth: the percentage of American women holding public office remains dismally low. Today, women hold 24 percent of state legislative offices; 21 … More after the jump

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St. Luke’s Hospital Denies Benefits to Same-sex Partners

Carol Stevens and Beth Goudy were legally married in Iowa. St. Luke’s hospital in the Lehigh Valley has a non-discrimination policy that says it won’t deny benefits to those in protected groups, including “sexual preference, gender identity and expression.” So you’d think … More after the jump

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Anti-Muslim Bigotry Law Introduced in PA Legislature

Unsurprising but disgusting nonetheless. What you don’t know can most likely kill you. That’s at least the thought process behind a new bill that’ll be considered in the Legislature when it reconvenes next year. Rep. RoseMarie Swanger of Lebanon County … More after the jump

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Nutty Ad Claims Bob Casey and Barack Obama Are Brothers

This 5-minute ad is just plain crazy. Enjoy!

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Following Redistricting Uproar, Harrisburg Will Probably Ignore Calls for Change

People are pissed about the new, unrecognizable Congressional maps, but politicians in Harrisburg have seen this before and are confident we’ll all forget their misdeeds by election time. The new map for the 2012 congressional elections , called “the worst … More after the jump

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Just As Cell Phone Ban Starts to Work, Harrisburg Pols Rescind It

Two years ago, a study found that 1 in 7 drivers in Philadelphia were talking on mobile phones while driving; a recent update says that’s down to 1 in 10. But just as the law forbidding handheld usage is taking … More after the jump

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Land Value Tax Needed To Make Keystone Opportunity Zones Work

Stacy Brown at the conservative PA Independent site has a good piece on the bipartisan wonk opposition to the Keystone Opportunity Zone tax abatement program:

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New Rules May Make Abortion Impossible in PA

A new law that regulates abortion clinics in the same way as outpatient surgery centers is poised to make legal abortions nearly impossible in Pennsylvania. The law also requires unannounced inspections of clinics, a mandate that abortion-rights supporters pressed as … More after the jump

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